On 13/04/2010 04:38, red phoenix wrote:
I set following statement in conf/server.xml, it can run well before
tomcat6.0.20,when I modify class file,tomcat can reload automaticly.
<Context path="/Test" docBase="Test" reloadable="true"

But when I use tomcat 6.0.2,I find it can't reload automaticly,why? Where is
wrong? How to do it?

Really 6.0.2 ?

Where is wrong?

Don't define your context in server.xml. It is not recommended for Tomcat 6 and unnecessary in your case.

How to do it?

By placing the Context configuration in server.xml, you are making it more difficult to achieve what you want.

Instead call your app Test.war (or a directory "Test") and place your Context definition in Test/META-INF/context.xml.
You won't need the path and docBase attributes anymore.

If that doesn't work, post the relevant Host definition here.


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