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>> Well, AFAIK it's either symlinks (which can be scripted in deployment
>> processes pretty easily) or put all that stuff in a separate context that
>> you never, ever, EVER undeploy :-)

Sheesh, yeah. Multitasking #FAIL. Garcon, more coffee, s'il vous plaƮt!

> You can also put your deployment directory outside the webapps
> directory. Those webapps aren't deleted when undeployed, right?

Honestly, it's been so long since I learned that "o-$4!T" delete-symlink
lesson that I don't remember where the app was deployed, but you're
probably right.

> Also, you can put your external content in some other directory, and
> write a simple servlet to serve that content based upon URL prefix.
> Finally, you can subclass the DefaultServlet and change the way it finds
> files so that it finds those files in a separate directory (instead of
> within your deployment directory). This is essentially the same as my
> second suggestion above except that you get all the benefits of using
> the DefaultServlet.

And of course those are both true, in increasing order of complexity.

Thanks for adding those, and maybe the whole list should just be in
the FAQ? If it isn't already? (haven't checked)

And where /is/ that coffee?? :-)
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