On 4/13/2010 7:18 AM, Mirgorodskiy Eugene wrote:
Good afternoon.
I apologise if this theme described in documentation Tomcat, I badly understand 
English language.
Whether you could not answer me is in tomcat 6.0.X
Service which automatically would start Tomcat, at end of its work as a result 
of an error or failure
in software work.
If such service I will is it is very grateful if you send me the reference to 
the documentation on
adjustment of this service, or simply tell as it is called.


  Good afternoon.
I apologize if this topic is described in the documentation Tomcat, I do not 
understand English.
Could you answer me is there in tomcat 6.0.X
service that would automatically starts Tomcat, at the conclusion of his work 
as a result of errors
or malfunction of the software.
If this service is going to be very grateful if you send me a link to
the documentation on configuring this service, or just tell it s called.

In windows, you can set services to automatically restart if they fail. That is done from the services manager in Administrative Tools.

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