On 13/04/2010 23:25, Russell Uman wrote:
we're trying to move from apache 2.0.52 with mod_jk 1.2.19 to apache
2.2.3 with mod_proxy_ajp in front of tomcat 5.5.28

mod_proxy_ajp was fairly new in 2.2.3, there are significant
improvements in it since then. Upgrading is essential if you want to
use it in production.

Otherwise, go back to mod_jk - but do try to get the latest version.

thanks! i'm testing now with mod_jk and apache 2.2.3 and things seem to
be more cooperative.

2.2.3 is quite old, 28 Jul 2006 according to the archive, 2.2.15 is the current release - you should definitely use the latest version and if not that a very recent one.


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