Did you configure your servlets in your web.xml properly?  Also...it sounds as 
though you are deploying each servlet in its own app.   Make sure you are 
invoking the servlet through the proper app.

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I hope someone will take pity on me and help me with this very basic question. 
I was moderately fluent with servlets and Tomcat several years ago but haven't 
touched them in a while. I'm trying to get back into servlets now.

I am having trouble getting my servlets to start in Tomcat. I inevitably get a 
404 error. I am running Tomcat 6.0.26 on Windows XP SP2. The sample 
applications in Tomcat run fine.

My servlets are in Eclipse 3.5.2. They compile fine and I have used the Tomcat menu 
to export them to the war file directory; no error gets reported when I do the 
export. I did a manual deploy of the war file from the "war file to deplay 
section of the Tomcat Manager page.

When I start the Tomcat Manager in my browser, it shows several servlets, including the 
examples and the servlets that I have deployed myself. In each case, my own servlets seem 
to be started just fine. All of them say "running", the number of sessions is 0 
for each of them, and all of them have stop, reload and undeploy options which are 
clickable and a start option which is not clickable. To me, that says these puppies are 
started and there is no error in any of them.

However, when I click on my servlets, like /FileUploadServlet for example, I 
get this:

 HTTP Status 404 - /FileUploadServlet/


*type* Status report

*message* _/FileUploadServlet/_

*description* _The requested resource (/FileUploadServlet/) is not available._


     Apache Tomcat/6.0.26

I feel sure that I've simply neglected to do something simple and 
straightforward but my memory is failing me. I can't remember what other steps 
are needed to get a servlet configured so that it runs in Tomcat.

I was going to try to run the servlet in Eclipse but I'm darned if I can 
remember how to start it there either.

Can someone help me out?


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