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On 4/14/2010 10:20 AM, Godmar Back wrote:
> I have added a ServletContextListener, but it is very much a solution I
> strongly dislike. The reason is that my application is layered on top of
> another application (ZK), and I don't really want to touch web.xml.
> 'web.xml' describes how ZK is configured to run inside Tomcat or another
> J2EE server. My applications runs on top of ZK, and having to go and made
> changes to the underlying deployment descriptor violates basic principles of
> layering.
> It also creates a maintenance problem (unless an application can have
> multiple .xml files that are combined to form a deployment descriptor).
> Whenever ZK is updated, a new version of web.xml will be installed, and I
> would then have to merge my <listener> declaration into the new file.

What is your deployment procedure? We use ant for our deployments and
it's trivial to use the <xslt> task to mutate XML files such as web.xml.
If you do this, you can set up your deployment process once and not
worry about it, even if ZK publishes an update.

- -chris
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