On 02.06.2010 00:15, Johan Martinez wrote:
Thanks for sharing this info.

I was considering 1.3 version for better management - purging log files
before certain date, log4j 1.3 provides max. backup index option with
DailyRollingFileAppender. I am also looking at logrotate and cronolog for
this, but not sure if I could use it in conjunction with
DailyRollingFileAppender. Any thoughts?

Have a look at the "extras" for 1.2. Many of the rolling policy additions have been backported to 1.2. I've got no experience on my own with those, and since they are not bundled, they might still not be in wide use, so use with care:



There's not much docs for it around, you can get some things from the javadoc, other info from the abandoned 1.3 branch might apply to the extras.

One example for what you are looking for could be TimeBasedRollingPolicy. One example for how to use it can be found on




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