On 4/6/2011 1:22 PM, Jürgen Jakobitsch wrote:

i'm in need of data replication in a tomcat-cluster.
i set up a tomcat cluster of three tomcats on a single machine with a apache 
(mod_jk) front that does the load balacing.
everything works absolutely charming for reading requests, my trouble start 
with data input.

what i'm trying to achieve is that if i submit data with a html form, the 
storage on all cluster members needs to be updated.
i'm using an openrdf's sesame triple store which locks it's data directory so i 
can't simply use a single shared directory
in my application.

sounds like a limitation of sesame. Use some other noSQL data store and you 
wont have this issue


what i have in mind, after first readings, is some sort of clustervalve that 
checks, if a request is a POST request and if
yes, sends this request (which updates the repository in the back) to all 
members of the cluster.

so here would be my questions :

1. is there a standard way of doing something like (which a not-clusterable 
2. is the thing with the clustervalve in fact the correct starting point

any help or pointer to the right direction greatly appreciated

wkr turnguard.com/turnguard

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