I might see if ebeans does something special.

I've tried setting atuocommit false in ebean but the result is the same:

11:20:55.857 [main] DEBUG org.avaje.ebean.SQL - txn[1474363255855] select
t0.id c0, t0.name c1 from t_user t0 where t0.name = ? ; --bind(aSDAWD)
11:20:55.857 [main] DEBUG org.avaje.ebean.SUM - txn[1474363255855] FindMany
type[User] origin[BdZsUV.BqJLxS.BnEUyX] exeMicros[822] rows[0]
predicates[t0.name = ? ] bind[aSDAWD]
11:20:55.858 [main] DEBUG c.a.e.s.t.JtaTransactionManager - Jta Txn
[1474363255855] committed
11:20:55.858 [main] DEBUG org.avaje.ebean.TXN - txn[1474363255855] Commit

It reached the maxTotal but apparently no release

What puzzels me now is that without logsql, an injected datasource is a
proxy to a loggingsqldatasource while without it's just a
I'll see if there is a diff on those two that might affect ebean.


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