Hi Randy,

I think you'll find this documentation very helpful is setting up a factory
for your resource http://tomee.apache.org/application-resources.html

Also, system properties override resource.xml and tomee.xml. There is a
system.properties files under the conf directory I believe that also
overrides the resource.xml and tomee.xml files.


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> Hi Dimtry,
> I hope to work on this again tomorrow. The idea of creating a custom
> DataSourceFactory seems like the way to go. This approach does raise the
> question about where to store the elements other than the password. For
> example the UserName= will need to be variable on a per-environment basis.
> Could the create() reference data within <Resource>...</Resource>? Or
> perhaps placing such data in a .properties file would make more sense?
> I saw your response earlier in the day. However, I was deep into making
> calls to retrieve data via properties and/or otherwise trying to understand
> JNDI within Java. Coming from C, I'm still working on building my Java-tech
> muscles.
> Cheers, -Randy
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