Credit Facilities and Business Loans

for Companies, Contractors and Businessmen

Bank Facilities for Companies

1.       Credit facilities - for companies 2-3 years old

2.       Small Business Loans and Facilities for new companies - minimum 1year old

3.       Assistance in arranging Import Letters of Credit against Export Orders and L/Cs

4.       Converting non-funded facilities into funded facilities

Small Business Loans and Facilities for Companies and Businessmen

1.       Small Business Loans for companies which are minimum 1-3 years old

2.       Finance for Professionals for Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Architects, etc

3.       Small Business Finance for Establishments (non-LLC companies)

Equipment Finance

1.       Equipment Finance for Machineries, Equipment, Plants, Commercial Vehicles, etc.

2.       Financing for Ships, Aircrafts, Drilling Rigs, Transport Containers, Heavy Machinery

Project Finance

Finance for upgrading existing factories and new projects promoted by business groups

Equity Participation

Partnership in established business or projects

Construction and Property Finance

1.       Guarantees, Local L/C, TR, Bill/Cheque discounting against Construction and Electro-mechanical contracts for Contractors and Construction companies

2.       Facilities for both the Real Estate Project Owners and Contactors

3.       Property Finance for existing buildings and  new projects

4.       Loans for companies for accommodation facilities

Solutions for

Small, Medium and Large Companies either New or Established Business

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