Hi Louis

>Apologies for English.... I can also conduct this in French, if you  
>prefer--Viêt is out of my league :-(

No problem at all.

>I'm delighted to hear from you, as I am sure are several others.  
>There are things that need to be done.  As you know, there have been  
>extensive offlist communications by contributors to the project who  
>wish to commit documents and files to the project. You need to  
>intervene and grant commit access to those contributors. This means  
>making them, if you are agreeable (and I do not see why not), content  
>developers. I can help if you need me to.

I understand. But If you check the vi nativ lang members list you will see that 
there are two Content developer M. Nguyen Cao Phuong and M. Vu Do Quynh. 
Regarding M. Quynh, I've already granted him the content update right since the 

>Furthermore, I've encouraged the creation of pages on our wiki.   
>Having a link on the VI homepage pointing to it would be great.
It will be done ;-)

Bye Louis

Dao-Duy Pierre

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