Hi All,

Just to let you know that I posted a small tutorial on writing custom
component here -


I just wrote it to get a breather from my day job which is all about
processing xml schemas and wsdls that c'd get really boring. Wicket , that
way is probably more like your new born baby that you want to go back to
everyday evening after work :)

The component is based on prototype. Igor suggested using (the better?)
Jquery instead but I just didn't have the bandwidth to learn jquery. Hope
the article proves to be of some help to newbies to custom component

The jsf enthusiasm (misplaced / otherwise) seems to have died down and the
tapestry 5 crowd also seems pretty silent. This is probably a good time for
wicket users to make more noise :).

Very soon we will have the eagerly awaited Wicket in Action. I was wondering
what could be really cool next. We all know that the wicket team 'listens'
to its users. So how about "wicket cookbook, oreilly?, by..ahem one
Mr..Vaynberg / the wicket team" ??!!  ;)


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