On 3/11/08, Johan Compagner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> hmm the request cycle would be quite awful its not really there for that
>  kind of state
>  The problem is that the AjaxRequestTarget is in normal rendering something
>  like PageRequestTarget.
>  The problem is you cant really through it on a Page because the page can
>  maybe not be accessed
>  (if you have a panel that wants to try to set the focus on its first
>  component)
>  So then we are back at the that the only place where it could be on is the
>  RequestCycle yes.....

Yeah, I didn't like RequestCycle at first either, but it seems like
the only place for it if you want to abstract it so that ajax and
non-ajax requests alike could access the IFocusManager.

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