We use Jasper reports. We took what had been started and made some modifications and have it working in Wicket. It works well for us. David

Eyal Golan wrote:
Could you please elaborate on how you included BIRT as the part of the
You can mail directly to me if you feel it is out of Wicket's scope.


On Tue, Sep 9, 2008 at 2:19 PM, reiern70 <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:


Actually there is no deed to have BIRT in a separated WAR: in our project
have included it as a (singleton) runtime which is part of the application.
We also have some kind of WEB interface to manage report parameters... We
found BIRT quite useful  for generating reports.... thought we had some
problems when migrating to new versions (sometimes things that were working
perfectly with one version got terrible unfixed when moving to the next).
With BIRT you get "for free" the ability to produce Excel, Word, etc...

In our project we went a bit further and built a machinery that allows to
combine BIRT (and non BIRT) PDF reports into books: BIRT reports are very
good in summarizing information but you are on your own when you have to
combine them... This "tool" allows you to build a tree like structure (a
book) where the nodes are BIRT reports. The  tool will help in collecting
all the bookmarks into a table of contents, generate combined bookmarks and
so on...

For simpler use cases I have used iText, JFreeChart, JExcelAPI, OpenCSV...



egolan74 wrote:
We use BIRT as a report engine.
A freelancer has created the prototype BIRT project, and now we took over
1. BIRT gives you all your needs.
2. I don't like it very much actually.
3. It is a different project than Wicket. (different WAR)
4. I plan to check how to integrate it to be in the same project / WAR of
our main web application.

Our integration:
We don't like the way BIRT implemented the parameters window so we wanted
make our own.
We found out that it would be much easier to develop it with Wicket than
customize it in BIRT.
1. We have a page that has an IFrame (inline frame).
2. For each report (in the BIRT project) there's a Wicket's popup modal
window to select parameters.
     I am very happy with the module we built for that. It is very easy
create new parameters window.
3. When the user chooses the parameters and press OK, I set, using
AttributeModifier, the src attribute of the inline frame.
4. It is all Ajax, so the inline frame is updated with the src, and the
report is generated with the correct parameters..
This module is VERY new in our project. I still have some bugs, but this
how we integrated BIRT and Wicket.

A question to you all:
Has anyone worked with Wicket and BIRT?
(funny, but I planned to ask this anyway)


On Mon, Sep 8, 2008 at 11:30 AM, Leon Nieuwoudt

Hi all

I would like to know what kind of reporting engines are commonly used
for Wicket-based apps? We have the need to generate CSV, Excel, and
PDF files with graphs and pretty graphics.

We've looked at the JasperReports integration but the docs say it's not

Thanks in advance

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