Hi, I'm using wicket 1.4-m3
I was debugging a problem and I found that RequestCycle.urlFor(Component,
RequestListenerInterface, ValueMap) can sometimes modify the parameters of
an existing page.
Here's the relevant code:

if (listener != IRedirectListener.INTERFACE && component.isStateless() &&
        page.isBookmarkable() && page.getStatelessHint())
        PageParameters pageParameters = page.getPageParameters();
        if (pageParameters == null)
                                pageParameters = new PageParameters();

                        if (params != null)
                                Iterator<Map.Entry<String, Object>> it = 
                                while (it.hasNext())
                                        final Map.Entry<String, Object> entry = 
                                        final String key = entry.getKey();
                                        final String value = 
                                        // Do not encode values here. It is the 
encoder's job
                                        // to do the endoding. This leads to 
double encoding
                                        // - Doug Donohoe
                                        // @see 
                                        pageParameters.add(key, value);

Is this normal?

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