If you combine setNullValid(true) with putting

myComponent.nullValue=My null value

in the properties file, you will always get a default null value with the title "My null value".


nanotech wrote:

I have a search form which contains multiple search fields(as TextFields)
and also there is dropdown from which user can select the search criteria.
The search results are displayed in the same page at bottom.
I want to clear the search Form with help of "Reset" button in the form.
Question :
1. If I refresh the form(by wrapping it in WebMarkupContainer) it removes
the "Choose One" field. The solution to that I found was to set
setNullValid(true). But, the problem with that is it just displays the empty
value..but I really want "Choose One" or "Select One" in dropdown. Even by
putting "null=Select One" in properties file, it does not show "Select One"
option in drop-down if I have setNullValid(true) . So, How Can I have both?
i.e When I set "setNullValid(true)" how can I get "Select One" to show up in

2. Also, when I update the webmarkupcontainer, to clear the search the
dropdown still shows the pervious search criteria. It does not update the
model for dropdown to first value or "Choose One".

Can someone please give me pointers?


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