I am extending the upload component and have a problem with the maximum file
size detection. The mechanism seems to be working fine except for that it
has an user unfriendliness to it: An exception is thrown, an error message
is set and the onError event called, but the message only arrives AFTER the
upload has finished. Our maximum file size is 100 MB, so if I get a user
that is uploading a file of 200 MB he or she will have to wait until the
upload is finished before the maximum size exceeded error appears. This is
hardly user friendly and I cannot trust users reading and understanding the
disclaimer next to the upload button.

Does anyone already have a solution to this problem? How do I close the
input stream and output back the error? I can imagine that this would solve
the problem.
Another solution I can think of is trying to get the error back via Ajax,
but that is hardly an elegant solution. Then I could cancel the upload by
redirecting the uploading iframe.

Kind regards,


PS I have tried this with the Jetty test server and have seen the problem on
virtually all browsers.

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