What about just starting with Google Sites:
http://www.google.com/sites/overview.html ?

It's free and easy. Good for a static website, which sounds like what you
are looking to produce.


On Thu, Nov 13, 2008 at 4:05 AM, Stefan Lindner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Take a look at Joomla 1.5 (www.joomla.org). If you have a linux box with
> Apache/php/MySql the Joomla installation is just to unzip the distribution
> and run a litte menu driven install program. Administration is easy, plugins
> for nearly every purpose are available. 3 designs are part of the base
> package, more skins and designs can be installed by the administrator.
> Good luck!
> Stefan
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> Betreff: OFF TOPIC - all-in-one wysiwyg website package?
> This is off-topic, but I figured there couldn't be a better pool of people
> to ask.  I have several friends and family members that want to set up
> small
> websites for their businesses or hobbies.  Of course, then they'll want to
> customize them and make them look like this or like that.  And add a page,
> and edit a page, etc.  You've probably been in the same spot - you're the
> "computer guy" in the family - obviously I can't build them something
> custom
> (we're talking free).  And I don't want to maintain it for them forever,
> etc...
> So - do you know of any good website packages out there?  I'm not even sure
> what the right name would be.  But it would need to have these
> requirements:
>   - Total non-technical control over adding and editing pages / content
>   (wysiwyg)
>   - Control looks by using themes that can be downloaded or maybe editing
>   CSS
>   - Possibly plugins for things like RSS feeds / contact pages / and/or
>   e-commerce stores
>   - Can be any language - I have a server to put it on, so I'm not adverse
>   to PHP / Python / MySQL / etc...
>   - Preferably I unzip a copy of it to a directory for them, give them
>   access to the admin (maybe setup a MySQL DB for them), and I'm DONE!
> I've even thought of trying to build this out of BRIX, but I'm not sure
> that's the right answer, plus then there wouldn't be any plugins already
> available.
> Any tips?
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> Jeremy Thomerson
> http://www.wickettraining.com
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