IConverter=Invalid Input

to a properties file in, for example, for your
whole application or in if you want this custom message on
a particular page only ... etc, in the same package as the class with the
same name.

Regards - Cemal 

vishy_sb wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am trying to get some validations to work using the FeedbackPanel. My
> form has a Textfield and I am trying to use a NumberValidator to check if
> it is in a given range. The code that I have used is :
> TextField pgLongLimit = new TextField("pgLongLimit", new PropertyModel(
>                                               pglimit, "longLimit"));
>                               pgLongLimit.setRequired(false);
>                               pgLongLimit.setLabel(new Model("Long Limit"));
>                               validator.addNumberRange(pgLongLimit, 0, 
> Integer.MAX_VALUE);
> My file looks has following code:
> NumberValidator.range = ${label} should have a  positive integer value
> Now whenever I put in a negative input I get the correct error i.e "Long
> Limit should have a  positive integer value".
> However if I put in a char value as an input (say 'a') then the error is
> "a is not a valid int". I want to change this error to something like
> "Invalid input". 
> Any ideas about how I can do that. I don't know which resource key I would
> have to use here.
> Thanks,
> vishy

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