I see that the wicket-extensions project. in the Wicket 1.4rc1 trunk, contains a version of the AjaxEditableLabel class. This class had been cleaned up for use in Wicket 1.4-rc1 w/r/t generics and a number of bug fixes. Wicket in Action 0.9 contains a class with the same name, which doesn't compile with Wicket 1.4rc1. Eyeballing the class, it looks darn close to the extensions class.

Is it safe to just grab the copy in the extensions project as of Wicket 1.4rc1 and drop it into my copy of the Wicket in Action source? Certainly that solves the last compilation problem I had with the Wicket in Action src tree And, it looks like it ought to work just fine, and has the advantage of additional bug fixes that I wouldn't have caught in my own "fix-it-up-enough-to-compile' approach.

My guess is that this class got pulled out of the wicket-extensions project and put into the Wicket in Action source tree at some version, Is that a good guess? I tried diffing the version from wicket-in-action 0.9 against the revisions in the repository, and didn't find an exact match - things are different enough w/r/t formatting of the code and some bug fixes that it would take some effort to go over this line by line.

BTW, I also checked other classes in the wicket.in.action.common package and AjaxEditableLabel was the only class with an analogue in the extensions project. But I confess - I did not do an exhaustive search for analogues between utility wicket-in-action classes and stuff in the 1.4rc1 trunk.

Are there other classes in the Wicket in Action collection that are snarfed from somewhere in the 1.4rc1 branch, classes which have bug fixes I want such that the examples will run correctly under 1.4rc1?



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