Argh that should have been = "igor did a release prior to the 1.4 initial release, called 1.3 or something.."

Nino Saturnino Martinez Vazquez Wael wrote:
[ X ] - YES - I would like to see at least the most used Wicket Stuff projects
structured so that they mirror Wicket, and a release is produced for each

But I also believe this is how it are today sort of anyway not so strict, but cool with me.. Igor did a branch when the initial release of 1-4 were created...

Jeremy Thomerson wrote:
Hello everyone,
  I would like to get your opinion on an idea regarding the Wicket Stuff
project(s).  As you are familiar with, Wicket Stuff is where anyone can
create anything related to Wicket, small or large.  One problem that new
users of Wicket (and us "old" users) come across is that there is a lot of
stuff in there, and not all of it is well maintained, and there aren't
specific releases of many of the projects.  So, you have to build it
yourself and figure out which version matches which Wicket version, etc...

What I would like to know is if everyone thinks it would be good to have a subset of WS projects that are structured in a way that they are always in sync with the Wicket versions. IOW, there would be two branches - 1.3.X and 1.4 (trunk), just like Wicket has. There would be a parent module and all
of the modules that wanted to participate would be structured under it.
They would all release in sync with Wicket.  For instance, when Wicket
releases 1.4-RC2, we would cut a release of this wicket-stuff-structured
(bad name) and all of the projects under it at 1.4-RC2.  I haven't yet
figured out how interim releases would work (new features are added to a WS project and it wants to cut a release between wicket releases) or if that

This would not have to effect all WS projects - someone could continue to
add projects to WS just like they do today.  This would simply create a
sub-tree of projects that are in the structured / scheduled release area. For those that don't want to be part of that structure, they could continue
operating as they do today.

So, here's the vote:

[ ] - NO! We should leave Wicket Stuff like it is - a free-for-all with no
[ ] - YES - I would like to see at least the most used Wicket Stuff projects structured so that they mirror Wicket, and a release is produced for each
Wicket release.
[ ] - Maybe - I have a better idea (perfect!)

Also - please add the following:
1 - Would you be interested in helping to maintain such a thing. (If we had two or three of the owners of the larger projects on board, I don't think it would be too hard to keep the codebase of this in sync with Wicket core.) 2 - What projects do you own (and by your vote we'll see if you want those
projects to be included in this restructuring).

-Wicket for love

Nino Martinez Wael
Java Specialist @ Jayway DK
+45 2936 7684

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