This behavior is in 1.4-m3 and is new.  I was running 1.4-m2 and a
wicket:link around an a/img combo did the expected thing (see the current for an example - the rss image links).

I agree that this is wrong.


Trent Larson wrote:
> I have the following plain HTML where I want an image to be a link to
> another Wicket-managed page:
> <wicket:link> ProductPage.html  ../images/products_welcome.jpg 
> </wicket:link>
> The link for that page is generated fine, but then Wicket adds an
> 'onclick'
> event to the 'img' tag that takes the user directly to the image:
> <wicket:link> ? 
> ../images/products_welcome.jpg  </wicket:link>
> This seems absolutely wrong.  The result is that a click on the image will
> take users to directly to that image; sometimes it will then continue on
> to
> the right (ProductPage) page, so users see the image by itself before
> going
> to the right page, but often it just stops at the image.
> There is no Java code associated with this.  I get it in 1.4-rc1 (as well
> as
> 1.4-m3).
> What is happening, and how can I stop it from generating the 'onclick'
> javascript?  Thanks!
> Trent

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