Trevor Campbell wrote:
I am having trouble working out how to download a dynamically generated file.

I have a simple form that captures and number of pieces of information and then generates a piece of text that I want to send to the user as a text file download.

The form is a standard Form in a page extending WebPage.

Following the Upload/Download page in the wiki, I have created a resouce extending DynamicWebResource, but cannot see how to redirect to it.

I would normally just do a setResponsePage(new MyPage("dshs")) but that doesn't work as the resource is not a Page.

How do I redirect to send My resource? (I don't want to store the file and make the user click a link and all that stuff)

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I was able to solve my issue by ignoring all the stuff in the wiki about upload/download and just doing the following

           WebResponse response = (WebResponse) getResponse();

I am not sure if it is the most elegant but it works for me.

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