I've got a custom date picker component that extends FormComponentPanel<T> and I include it in my markup with.
<span wicket:id="startDatePicker">[date picker]</span>

The component uses a hidden form field to store an ISO formatted date value and a display field to show the localised full date.
It's the hidden field that is used as the component model.

    <input wicket:id="dateDisplay" type="text" class="dateDisplay"/>
    <input wicket:id="dateValue" type="hidden"/>

I'd like to somehow be able to specify the tabindex attribute for the date display field in the page markup, so that this can be controlled by the page designer. I tried setting a tabindex attribute on the <span> with the intention of removing it and then setting it on the date field, but the attribute is immutable and can't be removed from the <span>.

Any ideas?

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