Hi all,

I can't tell you from which version it started, but in wicket-1.3 (as from the latest version on SVN), as soon as I do a setStripJavascriptCommentsAndWhitespace(true) or set the wicket mode to production, I get javascript errors in modal.js : (line 64 / 65 of the received javascript)

e.clientX = evt.clientX + Wicket.Iframe.findPosX(iframe) - dx;
e.clientY = evt.clientY + Wicket.Iframe.findPosY(iframe) - dy; doc.onmousemove(e); } idoc.old_onmouseup = idoc.old_onmousemove;
idoc.onmouseup = function(evt) {

Both IE (6&7) and firefox (1.5+,2+) complain about the } right before idoc.old_onmouseoup =...

Did anyone else encounter this ? Should I oppen a JIRA ticket ?

Thanks in advance,



PS: I did not have enough time to check if the behavior was the same in 1.4 trunk.

Antoine Angénieux

5, avenue Mozart
75016 Paris, France
+336 60 21 09 18

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