Yes, and thanks for the quick response. What is missing from the example is how to read the list of selected items. Here is some of my code fragments. Any thoughts?

private LinkedList<DeviceGeneric> addDevicesList = new LinkedList<DeviceGeneric>();
add(new ListMultipleChoice("devicesOutChain", new PropertyModel(this, "addDevicesList"), createListOfOptions()));

My thoughts was that "addDeviceList" would then contain the list of DeviceGeneric items that were selected from the list created by createListOfOptions(). Am I missing something here? David

Timo Rantalaiho wrote:
On Wed, 18 Feb 2009, David R Robison wrote:
I'm having trouble with the ListMultipleChoice component. It displays correctly, but when I submit the form, the server side code does not see any items selected. Any thoughts? Can anyone point me to a good example?

Have you checked out wicket-examples from svn and then checked out this?

Best wishes,

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