Hi all, I have a wicket project that suddenly required to support portlets.
I traveled through a lot of (I guess) normal issues from not being familiar
with portlets technology. But now I am at a  cross rode (quoting  obama) :-)

I have an encoding issue in which, for as much  as I could investigate,
begins something like this:

1- type  [Hómer] in a textfield
2- wicket javascript functions to handle post encode the field value to
H%C3%D3 (or similar)
3-portlet handles the request and redireccionates it to wicket.
4-on wicket side H\ufffd is the resulting string.
5- when ajax returns H?omer is the resulting string.
I have ISO-8859-1 in the main page (and only page) of my wicket application.
All the rest is ajax.
With my application inside the portlet container the UTF-8 is the encoding
but this doesn't seam to be because I change the encoding for the
portlet-driver and it didn't work at all.
Any Ideas?

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