Hi all,

I would like to create a custom PageExpired ErrorPage, which contains some message and after 5 secs it redirects to the Homepage. I found RedirectPage to solve this, but when I extend it, it won't contain the design elements which are now in a custom WebPage class. I could make on the same principal a custom RedirectPageTemplate, but then it would be just code-duplicating... That's why I tried to open the original RedirectPage class and copied the contents of it, but it doesn't want to work.
Can someone help me? What am I doing wrong?
//Or is there other way to solve the problem?
//Does it need other modifications in other files?

The Java code is:
public final class PageExpiredError extends CustomWebPage {

   public PageExpiredError() {
final WebMarkupContainer redirect = new WebMarkupContainer("redirect"); final String content = 5 + ";URL=" + new GroupHierarchy().urlFor(IRedirectListener.INTERFACE);
       redirect.add(new AttributeModifier("content", new Model(content)));

If I'm using the setRedirect(true); command, Firefox gives me a Redirect Loop Error..

I don't think the html code is relevant in this case.

Best Regards,
Peter Major

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