Here is a good intro to OSGi:
Here is one framework for running Wicket in OSGi:
Here is a project that integrates Guice, Wicket, Hibernate, and OSGi:


On Thu, Mar 12, 2009 at 5:07 AM, Ernesto Reinaldo Barreiro <> wrote:

> Hi Daniel,
> Some comments inlined.
> On Thu, Mar 12, 2009 at 9:37 AM, Daniel Dominik Holúbek <
>> wrote:
> > Firstly, thanks for you reply :)
> > I have already read that document regarding wicket and OSGi, but I think
> it
> > is written for more experienced users at OSGi. As I wrote before, I even
> do
> > not know how to build a simple web OSGi project (what should I deploy,
> how
> > to install those bundles - I can't access any console..)
> In my experience getting used to do things the OSGi way is difficult at
> the beginning but latter on the effort will pay off... In fact it is
> relatively easy to set up a Wicket-OSGi project if you are using Eclipse
> for
> development and you don't mind using equinox as your OSGi
> implementation. You could easily build a WEB console to manage plug-ins
> (bundles) on your application.
> > I imagine this application like this: I visit some administration page,
> > where can I upload a jar file containing the extension. The jar file then
> > installs into running application and creates some records in database. I
> > can then decide where in the page should this extension appear.
> > The main problem is this. I think my application should have some "OSGi
> > container". I have already tried some "bridge.war" from some webpage (I
> > don't remember now, which one was it), it is running correctly, but I
> > really
> > do not know what to do now. Add some bundles? Where? How? :)
> > Btw, I am running Sun Java System Application Server.
> Probably yo are reffering to [1] ? You will have to export your bundles
> into
> the plug-ins section inside this war. This war is just a WEB application
> that starts an OSGi runtime (an equinox) and uses a Servlet to manage it
> and
> to redirect requests to your application to the servlets you mount using
> the
> HTTP service provided by the equinox runtime.
> If you need more help I could help you set up such a project (although
> currently I do not have much spare time;-)
> Best,
> Ernesto
> References
> 1-

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