I just implemented the inmethod grid control (very cool, btw)
and I'm looking for a way to add and remove columns to the
grid using DnD.  

What I envision is a div opening above the grid with a list of
"available" columns.  The user can then drag the columns
onto the grid (ideally into the exact position they want
the column to be in).  In addition they could drag columns
from the grid onto this div.

It looks like the grid is using some yui functionality, so I
thought having a org.wicketstuff.yui.markup.html.sortable.SortableList
and a repeating view for the "availableColumns" list, or something
like that.

I don't see any exposed methods in the grid functionality to process
the drop functionality, though.

Before I go too far down this path, can somebody give me some 
insight as to how I can go about accomplishing this?

If I can just get an "onDrop" method to fire when moving items back
and forth, the rest should be straight forward (adding/removing the
column and refreshing the data).

Thanks very much.

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