I ran into an issue where I'm getting an OutOfMemory error using
autocomplete textbox functionality.

I haven't nailed down the root culprit, but the symptoms seem to
occur when I have a page with a border that also has controls,
such as a panel or two.

On the page, if I pop a modal dialog box (with ajax auto-complete) 
and type into the auto-complete textbox, after some 15-20 
key presses, I'll get the OutOfMemory error.

If I remove the reference to the window in the modal dialog
box, it doesn't occur.  Also, if I use inheritance and a child
page instead of a page with border, it doesn't seem to occur.

I'm testing this with JDK 1.6_07 and ran it in Tomcat 6.0.14.
I used Jconsole to watch the heap.  After some 15-20 key
presses, each subsequent keypress is increasing the heap
memory usage by several megs.

I looked at the heap dump in MAT and it's showing me 3 huge
byte[].  I just started using this tool.  If I'm reading this right,
it seems to have a lot of threads eating up the heap.

This might be hard to reproduce, so I put together a little
demo app that can be downloaded at 
http://silverlion.com/tmp2/wicket_test.zip. It's an eclipse
project I just zipped up.

I did all this with wicket 1.3.6, but also went back to 1.3.5
to test that.  I get the same results.

I wanted to post the question here before I opened an issue
in jira to see if anybody experienced this.

I tried running this with -Xmx256m -Xms256m and also 512
MB of memory.  I still get the error on my dev box running
tomcat in eclipse and also building the war and deploying
it to tomcat outside a dev env.

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