Please open a JIRA so this doesn't get lost.  I haven't looked, but it
sounds wrong if it truly recreates an invalidated session in some
end-of-request logging, even if it doesn't bind the session.  Post the
link back here.

Jeremy Thomerson

On Wed, May 27, 2009 at 8:25 AM, Taneli Korri <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm using Wicket 1.3.6 and RequestLogger.getLiveSessions to get the current
> sessions in my web application, but I'm experience strange behaviour when
> session invalidation occurs.
> When the user logs out of the application, the session is invalidated. This
> leads to WebApplication.sessionDestroyed to be called, which removes the
> session from the RequestLogger.liveSessions Map and everything seems to be
> fine.
> But the execution continues and eventually RequestCycle.detach gets called,
> which leads to RequestLogger.requestTime. And that's where the strangest
> thing happens, on line 254 of the invalidated session is
> created again and added back to the liveSessions Map.
> Is this the expected behaviour? Since this ensures that the liveSessions Map
> includes all sessions, even the invalidated ones.
> And another thing, are there any downsides in keeping RequestLogger on in
> production environment? I'm thinking that it might hog a lot of resources,
> but is that the case?
> Regards,
> Taneli Korri

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