I have registered a shared resource with
Now I want to add an image to one of my pages. But of course I need to
add a parameter to that image. How can this be done? I really can't find
any fitting constructor...

What I have so far is:

    ResourceReference imageResource = new ResourceReference(
"MyWellKnownKey" );

    HashMap<String, Object> map = new HashMap<String, Object>();
    map.put( "0", "myParameterIWantToAdd );

    CharSequence url = RequestCycle.get().urlFor( imageResource, new
ValueMap( map ) ); //that URL looks good! But what to do with?

    add( new Image( "image", String.valueOf( url ) ) ); //does not work

Where is

new ResourceReference ("MyWellKnownKey" , new ValueMap() );

Any hints?



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