Hi Sam,

It could well be more than web-tier, but I thought if anyone has done
this is would be a Wicket user :-) I looked at OSGi before I started my framework. I didn't see anything about deployment of add-ons/plug- ins. I already have a framework that incorporates IoC as a fundamental feature. Its the actual deployment of add-on functionality that interests me. ESB on first glance looks way too complicated, and I'm not sure it even does
what I want.

In our project we use OSGI to get a plugin structure. Interfaces defined in the 'core' layer are implemented in OSGI modules. For a simple example see: http://www.joiningtracks.org/svn/his/trunk/questionnaire/ (SVN code repo) It's a questionnaire service that uses OSGI to load the question forms (based on wicket)

Our whole platform is constructed like that, the questionnaire service is the most simple one and easily adapted for your own use.

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