Hi. I have 3 questions about resources.

*question 1* I've tried everything i could to make to make this work, but i
failed. it's probably something
that has to do with the context + path that i pass to the folder
constructor. i tried some relative paths,
didn't work too.

protected void int() {
String context = getServletContext().getRealPath("/");
String path = "WEB-INF\\classes\\main\\resources";

IResourceStreamLocator locator = new ResourceStreamLocator(new Path(new
Folder(context + path)));

*question 2* this is about the resources folder of the quickstart project.
As you can see from
the code above, i was trying to use it for html/properties files, but i'm
not sure if this is what
it was meant for.

*question 3* i see the point of having the html and java files next to each
but with large projects (with hundreds of pages, panels, custom components
resource bundles), this soon leads to a cluttered folder with lots of
java files. how can i overcome this and at the same time keep my html and
java files
next to each other?


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