Its not quite as good as the Java Tools, but it has come a long way:


On Sat, Aug 15, 2009 at 1:14 PM, Martin Sachs<> wrote:
> Thanks for that variant of programming wicket-application!
> I like scala and its concepts, very much.  Using scala with wicket would
> properbly make wicketapplications a little faster, more refactor-safe
> and better maintainable.
> Do you have good IDE for scala ? If the IDE (e.g. Plugin for eclipse) is
> as well as java-IDE, scala would be the better java. But without IDE,
> many enterprises wont use scala.
> Martin
> Antony Stubbs schrieb:
>> Hello People,
>> Today, I am proud to announce that I have now uploaded the first
>> version of the new Scala-Wicket Extensions.
>> The project aims to be a central point for Scala related extensions to
>> the Wicket framework.
>> At the moment, the project consists of an Archetype, Sample
>> application and Core libraries.
>> The core libraries at this point consist of some useful implicit
>> conversation functions (Scala -> Java list conversion, Closure ->
>> Fodel conversion, etc... ScalaWicket.scala) a collection of simple
>> extensions to existing components and the Fodel class. The Fodel class
>> allows us to use closures and pass by name parameters in Scala to
>> avoid some explicit construction of Models.
>> For example:
>> new SLabel("name", )
>> This actually constructs a Model which just like a Property Model
>> looks up and re-evaluates the name property of the Person during each
>> render time (i.e. this is a dynamic model, not a static model as it
>> may appear to be, or would be if it were Java).
>> Also:
>> new SPropertyListView[String]("presentations", list, _.add(new
>> SLabel("name", "asdp name")))
>> There are a whole lot of examples in the Specification files, as the
>> whole library as it stands is covered by Specs unit tests.
>> It also includes SBT (simple build tool) code AND Maven build code
>> (take your pick).
>> I invite all those who are currently using Scala with Wicket to submit
>> there odds and ends that make life easy for them - I'm sure there's a
>> whole bunch of stuff out there!
>> Special thanks to
>> P.s. it seems wicketstuff team city is stuck, so the SNAPSHOT won't be
>> on the Wicket Stuff repo atm, but I'll try and get that sorted out asap.
>> Maven signature:
>>         <dependency>
>>             <groupId>org.wicketstuff.scala</groupId>
>>             <artifactId>wicket-scala</artifactId>
>>             <version>1.4-SNAPSHOT</version>
>>         </dependency>
>> Cheers,
>> Antony Stubbs,
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