Hmm.. this might actually work, it uses the original form component to
store the value:

However.. that's a "hand-made" one. Anybody know of a similary library
solution that is skinnable etc.?


2009/8/16 Martin Makundi <>:
> Hi!
> I need to implement a "custom drop down" -select component, because I
> need to display more information than can be fit onto a single line.
> I am considering using jQuery or similar RIA widgets on a web page
> running on Wicket.
> My problem is: how do I bind the custom select into wicket form
> processing model? Is that the right way to go at it at all?
> I tried looking around and came across:
> * 
> *
> .. but I haven't really found any example having RIA form components.
> Date picker is simple, because it sets the value of an existing
> <input> element. But what if I have a custome select that is not a
> select at all.. how would that work with wicket?
> **
> Martin

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