There is a problem with IE/ExternalInterface if movie is added to DOM f.ex 
JavaScript functions are called but they do not return any value.

This is clearly MS problem but could IE specific function in wicket-ajax.js be 
adjusted somehow ?

Simple test case has

        var flashMovie = '<OBJECT id="testId" codeBase="http://fpdownload..

        // Works in IE and FF
                document.getElementById("testdiv").innerHTML = flashMovie;

        // calls JS but does not return value in IE. 
Works in FF
        var tempDiv = document.createElement("div");    
        tempDiv.innerHTML = flashMovie;

Here is complete code (ajax.swf can be found in zip files)

Here is AS3 code in ajax.fla


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Subject: Flash/ExternalInterface does not work in IE if movie is fetched via 


This example demonstrates that ExternalInterface fails with IE only if movie is 
fetched via Wicket/Ajax.

Page "first.html" fetches "second.html" page via Ajax. Second.html has Flash 
that calls JavaScript methods with ExternalInterface and produces output
"fromJs:text from js (first.html)"

This works both FF 3.5 and IE 7/IE8

Same demonstration with wicket. This fails with IE


ObjectId is null and JavaScript call does not return any value.

We are aware about EI/IE problems in past, but any of those does not seem to 
fit here.

Wicket 1.4.1, Flash Player 10, IE 7/8, FF 3.5

Has anyone encountered any similar behavior and/or has found any workaround?
Should I create a Jira issue?

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