When I first posted this, I posted it multiple times thinking
that it wasn't going through.  Sorry about that.  Pedro S had
posted a reply to one of the duplicates I have since removed
and I wanted to put it here:


>The internalUpdateFormComponentModels method in 1.3.6 didn't look for the
>border and visit it's components.  It's not obvious to me why this needs to
>be done now in 1.4.

The objective is to notify form's event to generic containers...

>When the form is submitted, the DropDownChoice's value is being reset.

you can implement the updateModel() of your DropDownChoice and implement the
behavior you are expecting, or you can require on JIRA that the wicket form
component stop notifying your components on generic containers.


I thought about this.  Here's the problem:  

When I change the value I really do need to update the backing model.
If I override updateModel (and don't call the super updateModel) my
backing model will never be updated when the dropdown is changed.  If
I don't override it, or do and call the super method, I'll get a null
value on every form submit from Form#component.

I put a QuickStart up here:
If you unzip it and run mvn jetty:run this will demonstrate what's
going on.  Just go to the home page and press the submit button.

So overriding updateModel() isn't an option, as I see it.  My choices
that I see thus far are:

1.  Alter the wicket source code to remove the updates on Border, which
I really don't want to do because I haven't gone through everything
to see what I will break doing that.

2.  Move away from using a Border and lose the ability to swap out borders
based on role/group, etc

I would love a third option that I currently don't see.

As a side note, I can see the benefit of notifying all the components
in the border, but can't that be an optional thing?

In my onSubmit() method, I can always call
FormComponent.visitComponentsPostOrder(border, new
FormModelUpdateVisitor(this));  But with the way it is now, I have no way
to opt out of having my components updated.

Is anybody else who uses borders having an issue like this?
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