I'm new to Wicket this week, so not familiar with the expected format or
structure of emails to this mailing list.

I picked Wicket after trawling around for a framework that would enable UI
programming on the Web make sense again. It's been an absolute pleasure so
far. Compared to the pain I've felt for some time now battling with web
application frameworks where most of the code of the applications was in
XML, JS, JSP etc. etc. and a light sprinkling of actual Java, the elegance
of Wicket as a natural UI programming environment makes everything seem
possible and even enjoyable again. Thanks.

But, (there always is a but:-) ), I'm struggling with an issue I've hit with
the DatePicker and can't seem to resolve it.

I'm using Wicket 1.4.1.
I used the Editable TreeTable example from the Wicket site as a starter for
the very small app I needed to write.
Rather than just text editable columns though, I'm making them more type
specific, so one of them is for Dates and shows a DateTextField and a

The app is working fine in Firefox but the DatePicker is always caught
behind the rows above and below when I run the app in IE7 or 8.
The attached screen snippets show the difference. I've dug deep into the css
and used the developer tools in IE8 which give you something akin to Firebug
but couldn't find  any css change would fix it.

Is there a way to fix this or an alternative date picker?


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