So you tried the mootips integration from wicket-stuff-minis-mootip? As
Martin wrote please upgrade the dependencies and commit a patch :) Or ask
for commit rights

2009/10/21 Callum MacGregor <>

> Hi there,
> I have a wicket application (using wicket 1.4.1)  that uses tooltips and
> have been using Prototip up to this point. However I now find that with IE
> 8
> they won't work, even in "IE7 compatibility mode". As most of the users run
> IE this is a major problem. I have tried switching to Mootips and that
> doesn't seem to help. I have also tried upgrading to Prototype 1.6.1rc but
> doesn't seem to help. Prototip 2.1 with Prototype 1.6.1rc is supposed to
> work but the wicket-stuff-minis-prototip uses Prototip 1.2.1 and Prototype
> I need to use Panels in my tooltips and was hoping to avoid having
> to render them to Strings in order to usethem and so was hoping to use a
> tooltip library that was already integrated with Wicket.  Does anyone have
> any tips on either: a) a wicket tooltip plugin to use or b) any other ways
> to achieve this...
> Cheers,
> Callum

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