You should check JAAS, AFAIK it has ldap-integration too, but if you
need to create an edit profile page, then I recommend you Spring-LDAP,
it's very easy to use (but I'm not sure, that the roles would work).


2009-11-05 21:16 keltezéssel, Benjamin Pack írta:
> We’re working on an application that requires authentication against Active
> Directory and authorization based on Roles.  I wanted to ask the community
> what they would recommend for a out-of-the-box Wicket 1.4 plus LDAP
> integration with the least amount of headaches (that will be our starting
> point).  I’ve investigated SWARM and WASP along with Spring Security, but we
> have concerns that our final solution will need to be a little more dynamic
> and scalable than what SWARM can currently support.  Anyone have any
> thoughts, ideas or experiences in working with Wicket, Roles and LDAP?
> Thanks,
> Ben

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