Well, i don't want a timer in the page. This causes unneeded checks.
That's why I thought of the simplest solution.
The basepage gets its navigation from session (which gets rebuild upon changes 
to stay up2date).
Now I need a way to notify the page that navigation changed.
So I implemented following method in basepage.
public void refreshNavigation() {

Now all I have to do is call this method for each active page to refresh 
navigation (or am I wrong?).

Can you tell me a bit more about reverse ajax?


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Why not make your pages consult some kind of service that builds the
navigation? And then have some a timer that get back to the server and looks
for a flag "newEntriesAdded" and then repaint part of the page via AJAX?
Another possibility is get changes pushed to your pages using reverse AJAX,
but this might be a bit trickier to implement... if you want to use this
last approach, I think, there is a project at wicket-stuff that targets
those use cases (I think is DOJO based?)... I have used plain DWR, in
combination with Wicket, for implementing similar functionalities....



On Tue, Nov 10, 2009 at 8:54 AM, Giambalvo, Christian <
christian.giamba...@excelsisnet.com> wrote:

> Hi all,
> how to iterate over latest version of all pages in pagemap?
> All my Pages have the ability to reload the navigation, but to
> accomplish this,  I need to tell the page to reload the navigation.
> So my first idea was to iterate over latest version of all pages in
> pagemap and call the needed method on it.
> But Session#getPageMaps returns a list of IPageMap which doesn't offer
> an iterator.
> How can a accomplish this?
> Greets
> Chris

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