I have a ListView with a requirement that I display one one the column as 
combination of two fields eg. my cnameID should be cname:id.
 Is there a way to get the model so that it is Label is combination of two 
fields or do I have to create a wrapper object for this purpose.
 ListView = new ListView("test", testList) {
  protected void populateItem(ListItem item) {
    TestObject testObj = (TestObj) item.getModelObject();
        item.add(new Label("Name", new PropertyModel(testObj, "name")));
        //second column should be cname:id
           item.add(new Label("cnameID", new PropertyModel(testObj, "cname")));
 public class TestObj{
 public String name;
 public int id;
 public String cname;
 thank you                                        

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