> Have you done any more work with using Bindgen with Wicket?  It looks
> interesting to me.

No, but coincidentally I got an email from Igor about bindgen a few days
ago. He's been putting some work into a maven apt plugin and then
submitting a hand full of bindgen bugs that I've fixed.

Igor's current concern is that bindgen recursively generates
bindings...e.g. if you have @Bindable FooPage with an Employee
field/method that has a first name string, bindgen will generate
FooPageBinding, EmployeeBinding, and StringBinding, allowing you to do:


Which is cool. Except that it doesn't know when to stop, so you'll end
up with `XxxBinding` classes for a lot of classes you probably won't
ever actually use.

So, Igor is thinking about how to trim this back. It hasn't been a
problem on my non-wicket projects, but I get what he's saying.

Earlier this evening I released bindgen 2.3 to the http://repo.joist.ws
maven repo with a fix for one of Igor's bugs, so you can try that out.
Please do let me know how it goes.

Fair warning, the bindgen docs are light-to-non-existent, but since
people are starting to express interest in it, I'll get some in to


- Stephen

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