No, I'm not dealing with PageSizes. I'm dealing to decrea stack tree depth
in serialization. One way to achieve this converting changing DomSerializer
to SAXSerializer. So is there any way to make it possible in wicket ?

2009/11/13 Uwe Schäfer <>

> Pamir Erdem schrieb:
>  As you know, Wicket uses disk storage to save web pages by serializing
>> them.
>>  PageMap and DiskPageStore classes are examples for it. Is there any way
>> to
>> change the  serialization type from  DOM Serialization to SAX
>> Serialization
>> in these classes ? If serialization of an object seralization tree depth
>> is
>> high what you have to do is just increasing the java argument Xss or
>> changing the serialization method from DOM to SAX
> For debugging purposes in dev environments, once a serialized Page Size
> exceeds a certain limit, we produce XML via XStream in order to be able to
> look at it.
> Is this what you´re looking for?
> cu uwe
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