Trying to build a shopping cart - Panel B . Which is hidden till an item is 
selected. Items are stored in the session.

I am trying to get  (shipping cart )Panel B to show up when I click an Ajax 
link, viz in Panel C

Both the Panels are under a parent panel A.

When I fist get to the page Panel B is hidden - I am using 

When I click the link in Panel C. I am construction a new PanelB and call a 
method in panelA to replace the oldB with the newB

method on PanelA.updateShopping cart(){
I can't get B to show up unless I do a page reload. 

Once B is on the page though clicking the links in Panel C - keeps updating it 
just fine.

Ideas on what I am messing up in getting the shopping cart to show up for the 
first item to be added, I want to avoid a page reload when the first item is 
added and stick with the ajax behavoir.


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