I'm afraid forcing the reader to enter credentials isn't going to increase your comment count.

Nevertheless here are some suggestions:
Use PropertyListView and you won't have to twiddle with the item's model.
IMHO passing the container into EditableQuestionPanel isn't a good idea - why should it know anything about its parent? Instead I'd add a hook method into EditableQuestionPanel so that it can notify about changes. The containing QuestionEditPanel can then do whatever it needs to update itself on an Ajax request.
Why is QuestionNavigationPanel concerned with the model object of one of its ancestors? QuestionEditPanel should use a LoadableDetachableModel to always work on up-to-date data. When notified of changes (see hook method above) it can detach its model explicitly so the data is fetched again from your QuestionProcessor.

Hope this helps


pieter claassen wrote:
Hi Guys,

Here is a blog entry on how I update listviews in listviews with Ajax.


I would appreciate any comments to help me improve this pattern.


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