Sounds like you are using static models instead of dynamic models.

E.g. if you use Model.of("test"), the model is essentialy self-contained.
Whereas if you have a property called "value" in your wizard and you use 
new PropertyModel( Wizard.this, "value" )
, the model will depend on the value of the "value" property.


John Armstrong-3 wrote:
> It may just be late and I am missing the obvious but..
> I have a wizard. The last step needs to be a confirmation step however
> it is constructed when added to the WizardModel in the Wizard
> constructor and at this stage all of the backing models are empty
> since, well, the user hasn't done anything.
> This means when I access models on the confirmation step all of the
> model data is empty (it was built by wicket earlier in the process).
> What am I missing? This is a common use pattern so I am doing
> something wrong since obviously the form has the data as back/forth
> show it just fine. The only work-around I can think of is to not add
> this step and then insert this step at the end myself (once the
> objects are populated). Seems hacky though.
> Tx
> John-
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